The Ultimate NetSuite Saved Search Guide

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I absolutely believe that that the saved search is both the most powerful feature and the most overlooked feature in NetSuite.

Before you start looking at Analytics Workbooks, Analytics Warehouse or BI integrations, become a master at the saved search. Get started on that journey with my NetSuite Saved Search Guide.

The sad truth is, most management personnel don’t like saved searches for the simple reason that they look boring. The data might be compelling and detailed but if it is presented as a long list of grey, data lines users simply lose interest.

That’s why I have created this NetSuite Saved Search Guide. If you have killer data that needs jazzing up, download this guide now! It is full of SQL, HTTP and CSS formula that you can use for your searches to make them more ENGAGING, EXCITING and ATTENTION GRABBING.

Not confident using code? No problem. Just copy the examples I have given and edit the highlighted sections.

When you access the PDF for download there is also a text version of the codes to facilitate easy copying and pasting.

This NetSuite saved search guide contains some old favorites we have written about previously, but also some more advanced techniques that have never appeared on NetFreak.

Get your copy now

If you have any issues with the formula discussed in this document, please do reach out via the Contact page so we can set you on the right path. Similarly, if there is anything you would like to see in the next version, then you know how to reach us.

If you need some help with the basics of saved search formula you can start here:

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The Ultimate NetSuite Saved Search Guide by NetFreak

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