NetSuite User Guides Made For Your Business

How many times have you resolved user errors this week?

How many times do you have to teach someone a process before they stop asking you how to do it?

How long have you been planning on building that NetSuite knowledge base?

I know the answers to all those questions and it’s not looking good. The best thing you can do for your business is build a portfolio of NetSuite user guides. You need engaging, simple, easy-to-follow process walkthroughs that you can train your users on and refer them to when they need a reminder.

Recognizing this is the solution is the first step. Achieving this end goal can be another thing entirely. Most internal system admins or even wider IT teams do not have the resource to dedicate to building a knowledge base. NetSuite user guides can be time consuming and laborious to produce.

Luckily there’s another way.

A stack of academic textbooks illustrating that there are other ways to teach your employees how to use the system effectively. Such as custom NetSuite user guides from NetFreak.

Bespoke NetSuite User Guides from NetFreak

Rather than taking resource off business critical tasks to write your own NetSuite training manuals, get in touch with us.

Start building your custom NetSuite user guides with NetFreak now

We will scope out your process requirements thoroughly and efficiently to produce the highest quality training documentation in your companies branding.

We can take the most technical of processes and convert them in to NetSuite for Dummies. We use simple easy to follow steps with visual aids to guide even the most inexperienced users through your system procedures.

There’s more!

Expertise: We know the system inside out. We’re not just documenting – we’re translating complex jargon into plain English.

Time Savings: Your time is valuable, and so is your team’s. Let us handle the meticulous documentation work while you focus on the tasks that truly matter.

Professionalism: Impress your clients or employees with sleek, professionally designed training materials that reflect your dedication to quality.

Comprehensive Coverage: From the basics to advanced features, we leave no stone unturned. We will write documentation for standard NetSuite process flows or custom ones (contact us before purchasing if you have a custom process). We know what questions to ask to get the right information on the page.

Tailored to You: We tailor our materials to match your specific processes and needs.

Your branding, your processes, our ability to speak your users' language. NetFreak NetSuite User Guides

NetSuite Tutorials for Beginners and New Starters

One area that many companies struggle with is bringing new starters up to speed on their new system.

A common approach is assigning an experienced team member to go through the processes individually and train up the new user.

The experienced team member selected, however, is rarely a qualified trainer and may struggle to transfer their knowledge. More importantly, this process takes that important team member away from their work for hours or even days.

This is a less than ideal approach.

Build a portfolio of user guides.

With NetSuite user guides for every critical process, your new starters will have a virtual guide to hold their hand again and again until they are trained. We produce foolproof instructions that allow for user led training and promote a self paced system onboarding.

Keep your resource where it needs to be.

Promote Global Processes

In sprawling, multi subsidiary organizations it is easy to lose a standard approach to tasks and this can be damaging. If users are trained by other users you risk letting in personal touches and interpretation. This can result in inconsistent data and system management.

Documenting processes ensures everyone is following the same rules. There is no ambiguity or opinion on the correct procedure. This will help build a truly unified organization which will operate far smoother and more effectively.

A globe to signify a unified global organization.

To begin your journey of building that knowledge base start with a single standard NetSuite process and we will show you what can be done.

If you would like to discuss a custom requirement then please get in touch via the contact page and we will be more than happy to assist.

For other ways to learn about NetSuite, check out these 6 free resources.

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