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NetSuite’s Saved Searches are not known for their aesthetic appeal. They tend to be a list of static data that, let’s be honest, often just gets exported straight in to excel where it can be manipulated more easily.

It’s far better to keep users in the system whenever possible so one way of doing that is making Saved Searches more presentable and engaging.

The first stop on that train is Highlighting. This is a basic feature of NetSuite’s Saved Searches but lots of people are simply not using it. Using the Highlighting feature you can give background colors, text colors and even pictographic icons to indicate certain attributes of the data.

It takes a minute or two to add to the search and it will make the data one hundred times more attractive.

Highlighting Saved Search Results

When you are on your Saved Search record navigate to the Highlighting tab

Using the Highlighting tab on a NetSuite saved search

The first subtab is called Highlight If…. In this article we will just be running through how to use this first option which is highlighting non summarized results.

Click the Set Filters icon at the right-hand side of the cell in the Condition column. In the popup you need to enter your criteria. I have used the field drop down to add the criteria of Purchase Orders that are in a Fully Billed state. If you are unable to use the drop down options, you can enter a formula using the Formula field selection.

Setting highlighting conditions on a NetSuite saved search.

You then have four different options to define how you want lines meeting this criteria to be displayed.

Image – From the available drop down you can select an icon to be displayed on the left-hand side of your row. There are limited options with the icons but still enough to successfully portray either a positive or negative point. I find green or red flags are good for making a result standout without flooding the viewers screen with color.

The available images on the highlighting tab for NetSuite saved searches.

Text Color – Click the colored box in the right of the cell to select from the predefined colors. Alternatively, if you know it, you can simply enter the hex code for the desired color. If you don’t know the hex code but are after a specific color you can find the code at Be careful changing the text color. Always test your search before publishing to a user’s dashboard or presenting to others. Changing the text color can sometimes make the results harder to read. It is sometimes necessary to compensate for a darker background, but you should always test this and check that you are actually improving the aesthetic rather than making it worse.

Background Color – Select the color from the predefined options or enter the hex code. This will fill the entire row with that color. If you are going to be changing the background then preview your results to check that the text color doesn’t need adjusting also. If you are adding a dark background, for example, the standard black text is going to be illegible.

Bold – Mark this checkbox to make the text bold

In the final column you can add a label for each line which will form a key to be shown at the bottom of the search results.

The results of saved search highlighting in NetSuite.

Highlighting can be a really useful tool and a great way to draw unengaged users back into the system. Use it right and don’t create multi colored patchworks that terrify viewers. If the highlighting makes sense and is sparing it will have a great impact on the clarity of the data being presented.

If you are interested in other ways you can jazz up your search results take a look at this article that will teach you how to use Unicode icons in your columns.

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