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Welcome to the world of NetSuite Sales Order Status! Today, we are going to explore the importance of understanding sales order statuses in NetSuite and how they play a vital role in managing your Sales activities.

Sales orders are the backbone of any business that sells goods or services. Managing sales orders well is essential to ensuring timely delivery of your products or services to customers. That said, managing sales orders can be a daunting task when volumes get high and you don’t have the right tools and processes in place. That’s where NetSuite statuses come in handy.

In this article we will discuss NetSuite sales order statuses, what they mean, how to manage them, and their significance in the sales process.

NetSuite Sales Order form showing Pending Billing Status

What are the NetSuite Sales Order Statuses?

NetSuite offers a comprehensive set of sales order statuses to help businesses manage their sales orders efficiently. Here are the different sales order statuses in NetSuite:

  • Pending Approval: The sales order has been created but is awaiting approval from the relevant authority.
  • Pending Fulfillment: The sales order has been approved but is awaiting fulfillment.
  • Partially Fulfilled: The sales order has been partially fulfilled, and the remaining items are pending fulfillment.
  • Pending Billing/Partially Fulfilled: The sales order has been approved and partially fulfilled and is pending billing for a portion of the order.
  • Pending Billing: The sales order has been fully fulfilled and is awaiting the creation of an invoice.
  • Billed: The order has been fully billed
  • Cancelled: The sales order has been cancelled irreversibly.

Each sales order status has a specific meaning and impacts the sales order process differently. Follow on actions will be enabled or disabled based on certain transaction statuses so it is important to monitor these closely and build your internal processes around them.

How does the Advanced Shipping Feature affect NetSuite Sales Order Statuses?

Advanced shipping enables separate processes for fulfilling and billing orders. The shipping department fulfills the order, using an Item Fulfillment, while the accounting department creates an invoice or cash sale for the shipped items or rendered services.

Due to this split in the process the Advanced Shipping feature affects the Sales Order Statuses slightly. Most companies these days tend to use the Advanced Shipping Feature so the above list is the statuses provided when Advanced Shipping is turned On.

If the feature is turned Off, the standard sales order statuses apply. The standard statuses are shown below with explanations for those not already explained above:

  • Closed: The sales order has been closed and cannot be fulfilled or billed further.
  • Pending Approval
  • Pending Fulfillment
  • Partially Fulfilled
  • Fulfilled: The sales order has been fully billed
  • Cancelled

How to Enable the Advanced Shipping Feature in NetSuite

Enabling the Advanced Shipping feature in NetSuite is a straightforward process. Log in to your NetSuite account using an Administrator role and navigate to the Setup menu.

Path to turn on Advanced Shipping in NetSuite

Select Company and Enable Features. Under the Transactions tab, Shipping & Receiving section, select Advanced Shipping.

Enabling Advanced Shipping in NetSuite

Click Save on the Enable Features page.

Once you have enabled the Advanced Shipping feature, you can start using Item Fulfillment records and the statuses of your Sales Orders will update accordingly.

How to View the Status of a Sales Order in NetSuite

Viewing the status of a sales order in NetSuite is simple – When viewing a specific sales order record you will see the status to the right of the Customers name at the top of the form.

NetSuite Sales Order showing Pending Billing status

You will also notice on the standard (Default view) sales order list there is a filter for Status. This allows you to narrow down your data and extract useful information on subsets of your sales orders.

Sales Order List Page with Status filter

The status will also drive the sales order’s presence on other list pages in the system.

  • Approve Sales Orders: For sales orders with a Pending Approval status.
  • Invoice Sales Orders: For sales orders with a Pending Billing status.
  • Fulfill Orders: For sales orders in a Pending Fulfillment status.

Sales Order Statuses and the NetSuite Sales Process

Now you understand the different statuses and where to find them in NetSuite, we will review how they fit in to the Sales Order process. The following walkthrough is one example. This may not match your own process flow exactly but it should be pretty close.

If approvals are in use, then after saving a sales order it will enter the Pending Approval state.

When a sales order is in the Pending Approval state, you can review and approve it if everything looks good. Once approved, the sales order will move into the Pending Fulfillment state. This is because the next required action is fulfilling the goods or services

In the Pending Fulfillment state, you can assign inventory to the sales order and generate a pick list for warehouse employees to fulfill the order. After the order has been picked, packed and shipped, the status will update to Pending Billing

The next step is to generate an invoice which will push the sales order in to the Billed state.

The Sales Order Process flow in relation to it's statuses.

Remember, if you are not using the Advanced Shipping feature in NetSuite, the process above will differ slightly.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sales Order Statuses

Can I change the status of a sales order in NetSuite?

This depends on your systems preferences. You are likely to be able to change the initial status of Pending Approval or Pending Fulfillment. Many of the other statuses are driven by actions in the system though.

How do I cancel a sales order in NetSuite?

To cancel a sales order in NetSuite, open the sales order and click on the Cancel Order button. This can only be done whilst the sales order is still in a Pending Approval state. This will irreversibly change the status of the sales order to Cancelled.

Can I fulfill and bill sales orders separately in NetSuite?

Yes, you can fulfill and bill sales orders separately in NetSuite. To do this, you will need to enable the Advanced Shipping feature as described in the article above.

What does the Partially Fulfilled status mean in NetSuite?

The Partially Fulfilled status means that some of the items on the sales order have been shipped, but not all of them. If your preferences allow then you can still generate an invoice for the items that have been shipped, but you will need to fulfill the remaining items before the entire order can be closed.

In conclusion, understanding the different sales order statuses in NetSuite is essential for efficient sales order management. By knowing what each status means and how to manage sales orders in different statuses, you can streamline your sales order process and provide better service to your customers. Remember to enable the Advanced Shipping feature if you need more advanced functionality, and don’t hesitate to reach out to NetSuite support if you have any questions or issues.

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