NetSuite Release Notes : Be Fully Prepared for Your Next NetSuite Upgrade

Unlike some other well known ERP systems, NetSuite doesn’t require you to update your version manually. However, you will never be working on an out of date system.

To achieve this, NetSuite push out their latest version twice a year. The NetSuite Release Notes will let you know exactly what changes are coming and your Release Preview Account will allow you to regression test.

The new release is rolled out in a number of cohorts so you won’t know your actual upgrade date until closer to the time, however, they normally happen around the start of Q2 and the end of Q3.

How will I know my NetSuite upgrade date?

As soon as your upgrade date is known, NetSuite will publish this to your dashboard via the New Release portlet. If you do not have the New Release portlet visible you can add this by navigating to the personalize bar on your home dashboard and clicking on the New Release icon.

Adding the New Release portlet that contains a link to the NetSuite Release Notes

This portlet will let you know your cohort number, the date of your upgrade and the date your Release Preview account will become available to you (if you are opted in).

The New Release portlet with a  link to the NetSuite Release Notes

There are very special circumstances when you can push your upgrade date out if there is a further cohort beyond yours and there is a critical business reason that you need to delay the upgrade for.

In these circumstances you should contact your Account Manager the moment your upgrade date is published.

What are the NetSuite Release Notes?

The NetSuite Release Notes outline all the changes that will be made in the upcoming release.

As an Administrator of the system it is likely your responsibility to review the Release Notes and identify any changes that will potentially affect your build.

The release notes can be found in a number of places including the following –

  • A link on the New Release portlet on your home dashboard.
  • The NetSuite Community message boards
  • SuiteAnswers
  • NetSuite Help Center
The NetSuite Release Notes displayed in SuiteAnswers

NetSuite 2023.2 Release Notes

At the time of writing we are approaching the release of version 2023.2 so below is a link to the 2023.2 NetSuite Release Notes published in the NetSuite Help Center.

NetSuite Release Notes 2023.2

The Release Notes are thorough but they are subject to change and new versions may be put out as often as weekly. This is sometimes as a result of a cohort of upgrades discovering a bug that wasn’t identified in testing.

If you are in a later cohort you should check that you are working from the most recent version of the Release Notes.

What is a Release Preview?

A Release Preview account is a copy of your live environment replicated on the latest version prior to your upgrade date. This allows you to test the new functionality detailed in the NetSuite Release Notes and prepare for any impactful changes.

As well as actually running tests in the Release Preview account you can also use this environment to run demonstrations for your business to familiarize them with any significant changes.

Although you are given the date that your Release Preview account will be available it is not always possible to know the date that the copy was made. If you are regularly developing or making changes to your production environment you should check your Release Preview has all those changes, especially if they would affect any of the testing you plan to undertake.

Requesting a NetSuite Release Preview Account

Some users will automatically receive access to their Release Preview. Most, however, will need to request this. You can make this request using an Administrator role in either your production or Sandbox environment using the following steps –

  1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Release Preview.
  2. Select the Request Release Preview button.
  3. Await email notification that the account is ready.

Whilst waiting for the account access to be granted you can monitor your requests progress on this same page via the Account Status and Account Notification fields.

On, or shortly after, the date of your upgrade the Release Preview account will be deleted and you will lose access to it.

Having issues logging in to your Release Preview Account? Check out our common login issues.

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