NetSuite OpenAir : A Comprehensive Look At NetSuite’s PSA Solution

Not every system, or specific system build, offers the gold standard of streamlined project management and resource optimization. Some growing organizations realize this need years after implementing their primary business system. If, as a NetSuite customer, your business now finds itself struggling to juggle projects, calendars, and resources, NetSuite OpenAir might be your answer.

So, what exactly is NetSuite OpenAir? Think of it as an all-in-one solution for project accounting, resource management, and time tracking. It is an automated project management coordinator.

Why should you care? Most organizations reach a point in their growth when they finally become tired of spreadsheets, emails are no longer a useful tool for managing teams, and the headache of trying to keep everything organized becomes an unjustified burden.

In this article, I’ll unpack all there is to know about NetSuite OpenAir – from its core functionalities to its pricing structure and everything in between. Find out if OpenAir is the right tool to revolutionize the way you manage your projects.

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What is NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution designed to streamline project management and resource optimization.

OpenAir serves as a centralized hub where businesses can efficiently manage their projects, resources, time tracking, and expenses all in one place.

With OpenAir, managers gain real-time visibility into project statuses, resource allocations, and financials. It is normally a replacement to searches and reports being exported and monitored through spreadsheet templates.

It’s also a valuable tool for team members who need to track their time, submit expenses, and collaborate with colleagues. NetSuite OpenAir provides a user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility, enabling everyone in the organization to contribute to project success.

How Much Does NetSuite OpenAir Cost?

NetSuite OpenAir is a different system to NetSuite and you will have to consider not only the licensing cost but also the setup, training and on going maintenance.

Licensing Cost At the time of writing the List Price for NetSuite OpenAir is in the region of $399 per user per month. As with all NetSuite pricing, you will need to speak to your NetSuite Account Manager or a Sales Rep to get an accurate figure.
SetupNo matter how basic your need, every organization is going to incur some kind of implementation cost. This could include integration setup, system personalization, customization and historical data migration. This could be anything from a few thousand to tens of thousands depending on the size and complexity of the implementation.
TrainingIf you are a NetSuite user, you might be fooled by viewing this as NetSuite OpenAir. OpenAir is in fact an entirely different system. Even experienced NetSuite users are going to need training on how to use it. You should invest sensibly in training and set your users up to succeed. Budget for anything from a few thousand to tens of thousands for quality OpenAir training.
MaintenanceIt’s sensible to consider a maintenance and support agreement for any new system you implement at your business. The same applies to NetSuite OpenAir. There are not many third party NetSuite support providers that have experience with OpenAir but you can get support from NetSuite directly. Enquire for pricing.

If you are looking at a NetSuite implementation, check out our breakdown of full implementation cost considerations.

What is OpenAir Used For?

NetSuite OpenAir is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution. This means that its main offering is complete control of the services offered and consumed by your organization.

Enhanced control over this part of your business provides plentiful project management benefits. OpenAir also, therefore, works as a project management project finance tool.

Below are the key features of NetSuite OpenAir.

Key Features of NetSuite OpenAir

Project Management and Project Accounting

OpenAir can be used as your primary project management tool. All project details can be stored and maintained in OpenAir, budgets and forecasts can be set and costs and revenues can be allocated.

A screenshot of the Project Burn report in NetSuite OpenAir.

Resource Management

OpenAir can and should be used as a resource management tool. Resource planning can be done by skills, experience and availability. Capacity can be planned to a granular level to ensure maximum utilization of resources.

A screenshot of the NetSuite OpenAir interface showing a monthly job codes report monitoring resource utilization.

Timesheet and Expense Management

Users can enter their timesheets directly in to NetSuite OpenAir. This can also be done via an app.

The system can also be used as the primary expense management tool. Expenses can be entered, approved and logged against projects as costs.

OpenAir Connect

It is expected that OpenAir integrates with NetSuite, but with OpenAir Connect you can also share data with countless other third party software plus Microsoft desktop applications. This includes a Microsoft Excel connector that enables easy data analysis and reporting in an environment your team is already used to.

A screenshot of the NetSuite connector setup in NetSuite OpenAir.

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