NetSuite Login Issues : How To Troubleshoot Your NetSuite Access Problems

No one is immune to login issues. Even if you are using NetSuite every day of the week there is still a chance you might bump into a wall every now and then.

If your attempts to log in to NetSuite today are not working you came to the right place. In this article we will look at some common NetSuite login issues and their resolutions for both a user and an Administrator.

User Password Reset

If you are not using a password manager and simply typing your password each time you log in, it’s always possible for you to make a mistake.

Once you start overthinking it the password will be gone from your brain forever. You can give up at this point or you can keep hammering guesses into NetSuite. Eventually, you are going to be locked out of your account.

NetSuite allows users five attempts at their password before locking them out the system for 30 minutes.

Before things go this far try a basic NetSuite Password Reset. Click the Forgot Your Password Link on the NetSuite Log In page. You will be prompted to enter your email address and then you will be sent a reset link.

The message received after initiating a password reset for NetSuite. One of the ways to resolve NetSuite login issues.

If you are using security questions, then you will first need to answer a security question correctly. You have six attempts to get this right after which you will be locked out of your account.

Take note when you are setting up your security questions. Many users pay little attention thinking they will never need to use them. This scenario is an example of when the security questions are necessary.

If you manage to lock yourself out of your account, you will need to wait 30 minutes before trying again. If you locked yourself out once though, you will probably lock yourself out a second time. Contact your Administrator and get them to manually reset your password.

If you are the Administrator and there is no one else with Administrator access, you will need to contact NetSuite.

Administrator Password Reset

When someone locks themselves out of their NetSuite account, a user with Administrator access can reset the password for them.

Navigate to the Employee record and open it in Edit mode.

Under the Access tab you should mark the checkbox labelled Manually Assign Or Change Password. You then need to enter a temporary password twice. This password, whether temporary or not, must comply with the Password Criteria.

It is then advised to mark the checkbox labelled Require Password Change On Next Login. This means the temporary password simply allows the user to arrive at a password reset page before logging in fully.

Changing a users password manually as an Administrator

Reset Security Questions

Not so much a NetSuite login issue as a preventative measure. You’ll be glad you took this action when you are required to answer a security question during a password reset.

This tip is knowing how to reset or update your security questions.

If it has been a few months or years since you set up your security questions, it might be time for you to reset them with answers you are likely to remember now.

On your NetSuite dashboard navigate to the Settings portlet.

Updating your security questions in NetSuite via the Settings portlet.

Click Update Security Questions.

On the page that follows you will be asked for your current NetSuite password and you can then enter new answers to your questions of choice.

Once finished click Save and your answers have now been updated.

Clearing Cache and Cookies

It’s an old favorite and every now and then it works. If you are visiting NetSuite daily, you may have old, cached data that needs updating or cached data may have become corrupted.

Clearing your cache can occasionally be the simple solution you need.

Cookies may also be interfering with your log in data. Clearing your cookies for a given period or even since the start of time can give your browser a fresh slate to work from.

Take note, however, that your browsers cache and cookies are not evil!

You don’t want to be clearing them down on a regular basis as they are improving your browsing experience. If you are up against persistent NetSuite login issues however, this can be a sensible solution to tick off the list.

Single Sign On

If you are using Single Sign On (SSO) for NetSuite then the above approach is not going to work for you since you to do not use designated NetSuite credentials.

If you are getting your password wrong it is your business systems password you need to reset, not your NetSuite one. You may need to speak to your internal IT team to initiate this.

If you are on the NetSuite Log In page trying to access NetSuite using SSO, then you are in the wrong place.

This is the most common issue I see with SSO users. If a user hasn’t used NetSuite in a while, they may simply Google the NetSuite Log In page and enter what they think is their credentials. This will obviously fail, but more importantly, their browser will now have cached the wrong log in page. When the user now enters the correct SSO URL it will redirect to the non SSO Log In page.

The following steps will resolve this issue –

  1. Close all browser windows.
  2. Open a new window.
  3. Clear the browsers cache to before the standard NetSuite Log In page was accessed.
  4. Paste the SSO URL into the browsers address bar.

Sandbox Access

NetSuite Sandbox login access is assigned separately to your production account access. If you do not have Sandbox access, you will need to speak to your Administrator to have it granted.

If you have been granted access to Sandbox you first need to log in to NetSuite as normal. You will then be able to select one of the available roles by hovering over your name at the top right-hand side of the page.

You do not have separate credentials for Sandbox.

If you are giving a user access to Sandbox only then you can set up their credentials on their Employee record in the Sandbox environment.

If you are using SSO in your production account but not in your Sandbox, then you have to make some changes to the way you access the two parts of the system.

Your production account will be accessed using the account specific URL for SSO and the Sandbox will be accessed using the standard NetSuite Log In page.

The easiest way to do this is use an Incognito/Private browser window to access the Sandbox. This will prevent any future SSO login issues.

NetSuite Status Page

If multiple people in your organization are experiencing login issues, it is worth checking the NetSuite Status page. This will let you know if there are any reported issues with NetSuite affecting customers in your region. You can learn more about the NetSuite Status page by visiting this NetFreak article.

A screenshot of the NetSuite status page. Use this page to determine if your NetSuite login issues are a system wide problem or not.

NetSuite Support

If all else fails raise a ticket with NetSuite Support. They will be able to help with any more advanced issues that may not be immediately obvious to you.

If you are paying for a Support contract, then don’t be afraid to use it. I often raise tickets with support whilst I am investigating an issue myself. That way they may just happen to resolve it before I do.

If you are an Administrator and are concerned about unauthorized access to your instance, learn about the Login Audit Trail here.

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