NetSuite Learning Portal : A Comprehensive Guide to NetSuite’s LCS Training and Development

The NetSuite Learning Portal is one of the greatest gifts Oracle will ever give you. It is an essential resource for any administrator or user looking to enhance their NetSuite skills.

The NetSuite Learning Portal is a comprehensive and intuitive platform that includes a variety of training materials and resources designed to help you get up to speed on various features, processes and modules. With a range of courses, training modules, and certification programs it is genuinely an invaluable tool for NetSuite users of all experience levels.

In this article, we’ll explore the various features and benefits of the learning portal, show you how it can help you enhance your NetSuite skills and discover the recent updates to the system.

What is the NetSuite Learning Cloud Support Pass?

To access the learning portal in it’s entirety you will need a NetSuite Learning Cloud Support Pass. This mouthful of a product is essentially a license that grants access to the training repository.

The NetSuite Learning Cloud Support Pass is an add-on subscription with a hefty price tag. Fortunately most systems now include one pass in the cost of the core license. This should technically be assigned to one individual person, however, so other users will need a license purchased for them.

There are two types of licenses available –

  • Customer Learning Cloud Support Pass
  • Partner Learning Cloud Support Pass

These two products give access to the same NetSuite Learning Portal but with slightly different content.

The Partner Learning Cloud Support Pass is aimed at employees of NetSuite Partners. This license will provide additional courses that touch on presales and sales knowledge so users not only understand how modules and features work, but also how to position them to potential customers.

A list of Partner Learning Cloud Support Pass classes can be found here.

The Customer Learning Cloud Support Pass is designed for end user organizations. Companies that have NetSuite in place as one of their business systems should take advantage of the benefits the NetSuite Learning Portal offers.

Using the NetSuite Learning Cloud Support Pass they will gain access to the following.

How to Access the NetSuite Learning Portal

The NetSuite Learning Portal at Oracle Learning

You can login in to the learning portal at Oracle Learning here. You will need an Oracle login and the relevant license to access all the materials.

How to Use the NetSuite Learning Portal

Use the search bar to search for the module, feature, process or course you are interested in.

The tiles listed below will then filter down to your search results. Click on the relevant tile to view the course.

Searching the NetSuite Learning Portal for courses in multibook accounting.

Learning Paths

The teal(?) tiles are Learning Paths. Learning Paths are each a collection of courses in a broad subject area. They might be used to give a deeper knowledge of a particularly large or complex part of NetSuite or sometimes they are intended to lay a path towards a NetSuite certification.

At the top right hand side of the tile you can see the time required to complete the learning path. Be aware that this only covers the time taken to watch the video(s). This is likely to take you much longer since you will be pausing, re-watching sections and taking notes.

Click in to, or enroll on, a learning path to see it’s component courses listed.

Learning Path contents in the NetSuite Learning Center

Each component section shows the time needed to complete and the percentage completed. Click the desired tile to enter the course.


The green tiles on the initial search screen are individual courses. Courses are single classes on a specific topic. They can be accessed via this search or from the contents section of a learning path as displayed above.

Once you enter a course you will see listed on the right hand pane all the video’s and presentations that make up the course. This tab is known as the Playlist. There may also be Lab and Student Guide tabs.

The Lab is simply a demo account. Some courses give you access to a demo account to test what you are learning. Under the Lab tab you will find a link to request the demo account.

Requesting a lab in the NetSuite Learning Portal

The Student Guide tab provides access to any downloadable materials. In most cases this is a study guide. It might contain a written copy of the content shown in the videos and presentations as well as some additional exercises to complete in your demo account.

Ask the Instructor

Most courses display a link at the bottom left hand side of the screen labelled Ask the Instructor. Click the link and you will be able to fill in a form that is sent to a NetSuite course instructor. You can use this service if there is something not quite making sense for you in the course material or if you need some additional help.

What is NetSuite MyLearn

As of 2023 there is a new learning center in town and goes by the name of MyLearn.

MyLearn is not (yet) replacing the legacy learning portal but it is a new interface to log in to that provides some additional material.

MyLearn is not actually a new system. It is already in use within Oracle to provide courses on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The system has now been extended to NetSuite users and even has a free option for Net-curious folk.

As well as all the usual courses and learning paths, MyLearn also houses Live Events.

After logging in to the MyLearn portal, click the Live Events tile on the Home page. This will show you filtered results of all Live Events. You can further narrow down your results using the filters in the left hand pane.

NetSuite MyLearn Live

Each Live Event tile displays the date and time, topic and duration.

How to Access NetSuite MyLearn

The MyLearn portal can be accessed here. At the time of writing there is also a banner within the standard NetSuite learning portal to access MyLearn. This may, however, be temporary whilst the MyLearn system is still new to us.

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