NetSuite Inline HTML Fields : Creating Static Text for your NetSuite Forms

One of the best things about NetSuite is its ease of customization. An admin early in their career can dip their toes in development by using user interface tools to customize forms, create new fields and even custom records.

Fields are the elements that hold the data components making up a form. The scope of field types and what can be done with them in NetSuite is fairly extensive.

You can choose from a number of different data types, default the field values and use workflows to create rules around visibility, mandatory data entry and much more.

In short, NetSuite has made it really easy to achieve a lot without having to use a developer.

What naturally happens with a lot of functional consultants and administrators is that they have the opportunity, through this set up, to ‘dabble’ with html, SQL and SuiteScript without the pressure of taking a job that necessarily requires it.

Thanks for that NetSuite!

One really simple place to start discovering html is using custom NetSuite Inline HTML fields. These are custom fields that require you to code what you want them to do. They are a big step up in using custom fields and a way for you to learn a bit of html.

Honestly, once you discover the flexibility of using NetSuite Inline HTML fields you will feel you have discovered a whole new corner of NetSuite form customization that you didn’t know existed.

Uses of NetSuite Inline HTML Fields

There are a number of uses for Inline HTML fields such as custom column headers, images, hyperlinks and more.

I am just going to go through one use in this article as an introduction to the field type. From there you can practice with other simple html commands in Sandbox to see what else you can produce.

The example we will look at here is simply adding some static text in a colored font. You might use this to display a warning or important message for example. Using a workflow you could have this message appear when a certain combination of data is entered.

I have also a used a field of this type to create a break between columns on a sublist. You could, for example, have an inline field that says Shipping Information before all the fields related to shipping.

Display a message using a NetSuite Inline HTML field

1. Create a new custom field (this could be a Transaction Body, Transaction Column, Entity, CRM or any other type of field. The following steps apply to all).

2. Add a Name/Label, ID and description.

Creating a NetSuite Inline HTML Field

3. Select Inline HTML from the Type drop down.

4. Under the Applies To subtab select which records this field applies to.

5. Under the Validation & Defaulting subtab find the Default Value text box and add the following

    <p style="font-family:open sans; color:#125580; font-size:10px">THIS IS A MESSAGE

6. Save

So let us breakdown some of the variables here.

Color – Choose whatever color text you want. A useful site to to pin is to find the right code to use.

Font Size – set whatever size text you want. 10px is quite small but if you want it as a warning message below another field I think it works. Just try a few different sizes until you find the right fit.

THIS IS A MESSAGE – I shouldn’t have to say; don’t create a field that just says This Is A Message. You put the text here that you want displayed.

You now have your first NetSuite Inline HTML field. You may need to check the record form and move it to the relevant place whether it be a column field or a body field.

Showing how a subheading created using a NetSuite inline html field looks

As you can see this use of html is not too complicated so is a good place to start. From here try creating a field that shows an image or a hyperlink.

Interested in other NetSuite tricks using HTML? Try the below articles for a couple of different uses to practice.

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