NetSuite Employee Center Time Tracking : How to Configure and Use Time Tracking for NetSuite

Many organizations require all or some of their employees to log time sheets. This may be to aid project accounting or it may be the basis of salary redistribution or even compensation.

Where time must be logged by remote personnel or those without regular access to a terminal, an easy and intuitive system is essential.

The NetSuite Employee Center Time Tracking process is fool proof enough to serve even the most technology averse team members. It provides a facility for employees to log time quickly and easily or even on the go via the NetSuite mobile app.

Below I will walk you through the steps required to log time via the Employee Center role. If you are a team leader I will also show you how to approve your teams time tracking and view previously submitted entries.

What is NetSuite Time Tracking

Time Tracking is a NetSuite feature used to record the hours worked by employees.

NetSuite Time Tracking facilitates the submission of employee time sheets.

A time sheet is entered by an employee periodically and approved by the relevant team leader. The hours logged can then be used to contribute towards project costs, billed out to a customer or paid out as compensation.

Time can be tracked as an internal cost or be associated with specific projects and tasks within projects.

This article is focused on the process of logging time via the Employee Center role, but there are additional features offered by NetSuite to be aware of. Here are just a few –

  • Time Thresholds.
  • NetSuite Timer to keep track of time spent.
  • Utilization Reporting.
  • Restricting Project time and Planning project time

Setup and Permissions for NetSuite Time Tracking

Before you are able to launch the NetSuite Employee Center Time Tracking within your business, you need enable the feature and grant permissions.

Here we will run through the most basic setup. As mentioned, there are many more features to benefit from when it comes to time management in NetSuite but here we will focus on simply giving the ability to track time in the Employee Center.

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Enabling Features for Time Tracking

Navigate to Setup > Company > Enable Features.

On the Employees tab, check Time Tracking then click Save.

Enabling the Time Tracking feature to use NetSuite Employee Center time tracking.

Role Permissions for Time Tracking

If you are using the default Employee Center role, after enabling the relevant feature, it will automatically be updated with the Track Time permission at Full level.

If you are using a custom Employee Center role, you will need to add Track Time to the permissions subtab. You may also want to add Time Tracking to the Reports subtab at View Level.

Adding the relevant permissions to the Employee Center role in order to use the NetSuite Employee Center Time Tracking feature.

Setting Time Approvals

Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Preferences. On the Time & Expenses tab ensure Require Approvals On Time Records is checked. Click Save.

You will also need to set up approvers for each employee.

On the Employee record navigate to the Time Tracking tab. Add the relevant approver to the Time Approver field.

If no approver is entered, the employee’s supervisor can approve time entries. This may not always be suitable however.

Using NetSuite Employee Center Time Tracking

All aspects of Time Tracking can be carried out in the NetSuite Employee Center. That includes logging individual time entries, weekly time sheets and approving time for your team.

Time Sheet Entry

There are two methods of entering time in the Employee Center role.

  • Track Time
  • Weekly Time Sheet

Both of these pages are linked in the Home Links portlet of the Employee Center dashboard.

The Home Links portlet on the Employee Center dashboard displaying links to the Track Time and Weekly Time Sheets pages.

Track Time

The Track Time page allows users to log time for a single customer or project at a time.

Populate the following fields on the Track Time page.

  • Date.
  • Duration – The time being logged in hours and minutes (hh:mm).
  • Customer – The customer or project the entry relates to.
  • Service Item – If needed a service item can be selected to relate the time to.
  • Memo
  • Classifications – Enter the Department, Class and Location relevant to this entry.

Once completed, click Save. The page will reload and you will see the time entry now logged in the time detail at the bottom of the page.

An extract of the Time Detail portion of the Track Time page when using NetSuite Employee Center Time Tracking

Weekly Time Sheet

The Weekly Time Sheet page allows users to populate an entire time sheet on a single page rather than individual time entries.

Leaving detailed time entries can be more fiddly using this option but overall a lot of time is saved especially when users need to enter an entire weeks worth of time in one sitting.

The necessary data points are the same as on the Track Time page. Here, however, they are displayed as columns in a sublist.

An extract of the Time Detail portion of the Weekly Time Sheet page when using NetSuite Employee Center Time Tracking

Populate the Customer, Service Item, Classifications and Memo as before.

Enter the hours and minutes (hh:mm) in to the relevant day columns. Once complete, click Add for the line and enter more as applicable.

Once the Time Sheet is complete click Save.

Time Sheet Approvals

On the Home Links portlet of the Employee Center dashboard, select Approve Time.

The Approve Time page allows users to select lines that they want to approve then click the Approve button.

Time Entries can be drilled in to by clicking the date on the relevant line.

The Approve Time page in the NetSuite Employee Center.

Use the filters at the top of the page to filter out entire weeks then select the Mark All button to Approve it in one step.

Viewing Time Sheets

To view all your previously submitted time, hover over Track Time from your Employee Center dashboard and select List.

You will be navigated to the Time Entries list. There you can view the Approval Status of submitted time sheets or click View to see the detail of previously approved weeks.

The Time Entries page that allows users to view entries previously submitted via the NetSuite Employee Center Time Tracking feature.

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