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One of my favorite things about NetSuite is the ability to customize dashboards. There are so many different options straight out of the gate with custom search portlets, shortcuts, reminders and even RSS feeds.

A lot of users also don’t realize that they have more than one dashboard. If you click on the options on your Quick Access Bar at the top of your NetSuite screen you will be directed to a new dashboard specific to that topic. For example, clicking on Transactions will take me to a Transactions dashboard which you can customize with transaction specific portlets.

One of the easiest portlets to take advantage of well before you are a whizz at NetSuite is the shortcuts portlet. This allows you to add quick links to your most frequently used searches, reports, records or even external locations.

How to use the shortcuts portlet is something I would teach a new user of NetSuite within the first five minutes. It is so simple to master plus it helps users feel that the system is customized to their needs rather than a generic experience.

Adding the Shortcuts Portlet to a Dashboard in NetSuite

If your dashboard does not show the shortcuts portlet already you can add it by selecting the Personalize link and then clicking the Shortcuts icon.

Adding the shortcuts portlet to the NetSuite dashboard

The portlet will be added to your dashboard and you can then move it to the optimal position by grabbing and dragging it from the top bar.

Adding a Shortcut to a NetSuite Dashboard

Now navigate to a search, report, or record that you use regularly enough to warrant it having a shortcut on your dashboard. Once there, hover over the star icon found at the far left of the quick access bar at the top of your NetSuite interface. From the drop down menu select Add To Shortcuts. This should open a popup window in which you can name the link for your shortcuts. Once you have entered a name, or decided to keep the suggested one, you can click OK and navigate back to your Home dashboard. You will now see a new link added to the shortcuts portlet as intended.

Adding an External Link to a NetSuite Dashboard

If you want to add a link to an external location, simply hover over the three dots at the top right of the portlet and select New Shortcut. A popup will open in which you can enter the text name of the link and the URL destination. It would also be advised, for links to other sites, you may want to check the Open In New Window box. This will mean the link will open up in a new tab and not end your session in NetSuite.

Setting up the shortcuts portlet on the NetSuite dashboard

If you want to rearrange your links or change their names then you should hover over those three dots in the top right corner of the portlet and then click Setup.

Removing a Shortcut from a NetSuite Dashboard

In the popup window, you can untick a checkbox on the left hand side to remove a shortcut from the portlet entirely. You can use the six dot panel at the far left of the items to move the rows around and reorder them. Lastly, you can rename a link just by entering the new name in the labels column.

Start using the shortcuts portlet today and teach the rest of your team. If you are using more than one or two searches a day then you could already save yourself time with this feature. It’s simple and intuitive to use and once you have nailed this we can move on to some of the more advanced features of NetSuite dashboards.

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