NetSuite Color Themes : How to Customize Your Environment

There truly is no end to the ways we can customize our NetSuite interface and today we are going to be looking at the simplest of them all – the NetSuite color themes.

If you are tired of the dull blue NetSuite assumed we would all like then why not change to a more pleasing, more personal color. You could even choose the color of your favorite soccer team to add a bit of your own personality to the system.

NetSuite quick access bar in Pink - an example of changing the NetSuite color themes

On a more practical level, changing the color of your personal user interface can help you distinguish between different environments. This is particularly useful if you are operating in a production account and a Sandbox account simultaneously. Set the two accounts up to be different colors. This will help prevent the risk of entering data in to the wrong instance.

Sandbox is an example of another NetSuite account type. Learn about all the different account types here. Set different NetSuite color themes in each to help differentiate between them and avoid input errors.
NetSuite Quick Access Bar in Blue - an example of changing the NetSuite color themes

For users that have multiple roles, customizing their look and feel in this way can really aid an efficient way of working. The role in use can immediately be recognized and changed before attempting a particular task that may not be possible in all the assigned roles.

If you are conducting new user training it is something quick and easy to show employees that will help them feel comfortable in the new system.

Changing NetSuite Color Themes

  1. Log in to NetSuite.
  2. Hover over the home icon and click Set Preferences.
  3. Navigate to the Appearances tab.
  4. In the Color Theme drop down list select the new color.
  5. Click Save
Changing NetSuite color themes

The list of colors available does change slightly depending on your NetSuite edition and settings but there is always more than enough to choose from.

Unfortunately you will not be able to preview a color before saving. If you want to see what the color looks like you need to select it, save the page and view the new color scheme after it is applied.

Does NetSuite have a Dark Mode?

All anyone cares about these days is dark mode! Sadly, at the time of writing, NetSuite hasn’t yet got round to developing dark mode. The best you can do at present is to select a black theme color.

NetSuite Quick Access Bar in Black

You might be interested, however, in looking at what the developer below has created to replace the standard color selection in NetSuite. Not only does this Chrome extension allow you to view the color selection in real time before Saving, but there is also a dark mode!

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