Prepare for NetSuite 2024.1 : NetSuite 2fa Changes

NetSuite version 2024.1 will bring with it the end of support for two factor authentication (2fa) via SMS and voice call.

A few years ago NetSuite 2fa was made mandatory for certain permission sets and many businesses also choose to roll this out to all users. Every business using NetSuite will therefore be potentially affected by this change.

The Change : End of Support for NetSuite 2fa via SMS and Voice Call

When you use two factor authentication to log in to NetSuite securely, you need to relay a unique 6 digit code generated at that moment in time.

Until now NetSuite has offered a number of formats in which to receive that code. These formats included SMS and voice call, however, after the NetSuite 2024.1 Release these methods will no longer be supported.

The only supported method of 2fa moving forward will be the use of an authenticator application.

There are many applications on the market but some of the more popular options include –

  • Google Authenticator
  • Oracle Authenticator
  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • OKTA Verify

What can I do to Prepare for this Change?

If you are using SMS or voice call to receive your 2fa codes you need to move your configuration over to an authenticator application.

Be proactive and action this the next time you log in to NetSuite. On your Home dashboard, find the Settings portlet. There you can select Reset 2fa Settings.

The Settings portlet on the NetSuite dashboard where a user can reset their NetSuite 2fa settings.

After re-entering your password, your NetSuite 2fa settings will then be reset. Next time you log in, you will be guided through the setup wizard.

The only option now is to set it up using an authenticator application so there will be no chance of making a mistake.

How do I Prepare my Business for the Change?

If you are a NetSuite Administrator working with an end user, you should probably consider circulating some information prior to the new version release.

Inform your users that they should proactively prepare for this change rather than wait to be prompted. This will minimize the amount of time you will be required to provide manual assistance when the change comes.

If a user does require help bypassing their NetSuite 2fa, you can reset it on their behalf using your Administrator role.

Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > User Access Reset Tool. Enter the email address of the user that needs their two factor authentication reset. Check the Reset 2fa Settings box and Save.

The User Access Reset page where an Administrator can reset a users NetSuite 2fa settings.

After this action the user will be required to reconfigure their 2fa the next time they log in to NetSuite.

Make sure you take full advantage of the NetSuite Release Notes and prepare for all changes that might affect you or your business. This is just one of many changes coming to NetSuite as part of the 2024.1 release. Ensure they don’t take you by surprise.

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