How to Send Invoices in NetSuite : 4 Ways to Ask for Money with NetSuite!

Sending invoices is probably one of the most important tasks for any business. We all love revenue! Luckily NetSuite offers a variety of tools to help you create and send invoices quickly and easily.

Whether you need to ad hoc generate and send invoices to customers, automatically email invoices on a regular schedule, or manage bulk invoice runs, NetSuite has you covered.

In this article, we’ll show you how to send invoices in NetSuite and answer some common user questions along the way. By following the steps and tips provided, you’ll streamline your billing process and improve your cash flow management by being able to use saved time on more value adding accounts receivable tasks instead.

So, let’s get started!

How to Email Single Invoices on NetSuite

NetSuite makes it easy to send invoices to customers via email. The first method we will look at to achieve this is to email a single invoice from the Invoice transaction record on NetSuite.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  • From the NetSuite dashboard, navigate to the Transactions tab and select Sales > Create Invoices > List. This will take you to the invoice list page.
​The above navigation path is correct for the Administrator role. Depending on what role you are using you might need to adjust this.
This is also assuming you have already created the invoice. You may be generating this manually, via Billing Schedules or some other automated process.
Invoices List View in NetSuite
  • Click View next to the Invoice you need to email.
View an Invoice from the List view in NetSuite
  • Hover over the Actions menu and Click Email.
Emailing an Invoice from the Invoice record in NetSuite
  • Depending on your system settings this will either immediately send an email to the contact address under the Communication : Messages subtab, or an Email popup will open.
  • In the Email Message popup window, you can customize the email subject, body, and recipients. You can also choose an email template from the dropdown list to apply a pre-configured email layout.
Email Message Popup in NetSuite
  • Click the Merge & Send button to send the email.
  • Once the email is sent with the Invoice PDF attachment, a copy will be stored under the messages tab of the Invoice transaction record.


  • You can control whether an invoice is sent as an attachment or within the body of the email via the user’s Set Preferences page. Hover over the Home button on the Quick Access bar of NetSuite and click Set Preferences. Under the Transactions subtab you can set the Transaction Email Attachment Format as either PDF or Html.

By following these steps and tips, you can easily, manually send individual invoices to your customers via email in NetSuite.

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In the next section, we’ll cover how to automatically send invoices in NetSuite.

How to Automatically Send Invoices in NetSuite

Manually generating emails using the method above might be useful for ad hoc requests but this is time consuming and easy to forget. Why not automate the generation of the emails when invoice records are created?

On the Invoice record navigate to the Communications tab and then Messages. There is a checkbox labeled To Be Emailed.

Using NetSuite's To Be Emailed feature

When this checkbox is marked, upon saving the transaction an email will be sent to the email address provided.

If you default this checkbox to True then invoice emails will be sent automatically every time a new Invoice record is created.

When this method is being used the Accounts Receivable team need to ensure customer email addresses are always kept up to date. The system will source from the Email field in the header of the Customer record.

Can NetSuite Send Invoices to Multiple Emails?

Yes, NetSuite allows you to send invoices to multiple email addresses. This can be useful if you need to send invoices to multiple contacts within a company, or if you need to copy someone else on the invoice for your records.

There are a few methods to achieving this depending on whether this is a one off action or something you need to automate for future transactions. We will cover both approaches here.

Manually Sending Invoices to Multiple Emails in NetSuite

Follow these steps to select an Invoice saved in your NetSuite system and email it to multiple recipients:

  • From the NetSuite dashboard, navigate to the Transactions tab and select Sales > Create Invoices > List to view the invoice list page.
  • Click View next to the Invoice you need to email out.
As an alternative to the above two steps, if you know the invoice number you require, you can search for the invoice using the Global Search Bar at the top of your NetSuite user interface.
  • Navigate to the Communications tab and select Messages.
  • If your role has the required permission you will see an Email button. Click the button to open the Email popup.
The Email Button on the Communications subtab of NetSuite's Invoice record
  • The first tab of the Email popup will allow you to enter multiple email addresses as per the below screenshot. You can select from contacts in the system or enter email addresses manually as I have done,
Sending an email from NetSuite to multiple recipients
  • Once all recipients are selected you can configure the Message and Attachments tabs as normal then click Merge & Send.
  • Once the email is sent with the Invoice PDF attachment, a copy will be stored in the sublist under the Messages tab.

Automatically Sending Invoices to Multiple Emails in NetSuite

If you want to have multiple email addresses automatically populate in the To Be Emailed selection on the Invoice record then there are ways to make this possible.

Unfortunately, as standard the Email field on the customer record does not allow multiple email addresses to be entered. The following solution will therefore require the use of Custom Fields and a Workflow. If these are not features you are familiar with you should speak to your Administrator or NetSuite partner to implement this or a similar solution.

  • Create a custom Free Form Text field on the Customer record. Name this field Invoicing Emails. Here you will enter multiple email addresses separated by commas.
  • Create a Workflow on the Invoice record that initiates on Create.
  • In the first and only State of this workflow create a Set Field Value action.
  • Your Set Field Value should trigger on Before Record Submit and copy the values from your Invoicing Emails field to the To Be Emailed email field.
  • Emails will then be sent to the full list of multiple emails.

Note that when you send an invoice to multiple email addresses, each recipient will receive a separate email with the invoice attached. If you need to send a single email to multiple recipients with the invoice attached, you may want to consider creating a custom email template and using a script to send the email.

Automating your Invoice emails is one way of streamlining your finance teams processes. Use the following articles to learn some other ways of improving efficiency across the finance team.

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