How to Attach a File to a NetSuite Expense Report

NetSuite very kindly provides an easy and convenient way to submit and track expense reports. All you need to do is attach your evidence, fill in a few fields and submit for approval. It couldn’t be easier. Convincing employees of this, however, is another story. Accounts teams the world over are forever yelling at users to attach their receipts! If you are currently being yelled at then this article is for you.

There are a few different ways to attach files to a NetSuite Expense Report and here will cover them all.

Step-by-Step Guide to Attaching a File to a NetSuite Expense Report

The standard file attachment process in NetSuite is, admittedly, not the most intuitive for the casual user. Employees who are less familiar with the NetSuite user interface may find this method confusing but it is the path used by the majority of customers. Review the following steps and screenshots to upload a file to your Expense Report via the standard form based attachment file upload process.

Save your desired upload file to your computer.

On either a saved or new Expense Report record, navigate to Communications : Files.

Locating the Files subtab in NetSuite

Hover over the Attach Existing Files field to reveal the Add New icon.

The Add New button on the Files subtab

Click the Add New icon and a pop up will appear.

In the Folder field select the folder in the NetSuite File Cabinet that you would like to upload your file to.

Populating the File popup in NetSuite

Click the Choose File button and select your file from your computer.

Click Save on your File pop up then Save on your Expense Report.

Your file is now uploaded to NetSuite and attached to the expense report. Here is a re-cap of the key steps –

  1. Save the file to your computer.
  2. On the Expense Report navigate to Communications : Files.
  3. Click the Add New icon.
  4. Select a Folder to upload to and choose your file.
  5. Save the pop up and save your Expense Report.

Using Drag and Drop to Attach a File to a NetSuite Expense Report

File Drag and Drop is a NetSuite SuiteApp that allows you to drag and drop files to upload them. This bypasses the standard upload process and allows you to route files to predefined folders. It is a much easier process and avoids a lot of common errors with uploading to the wrong folder or not saving the file.

Once your Administrator has set up File Drag and Drop for your Expense Report record, you will notice a new area at the top right of the form.

The NetSuite file drag and drop field

To drop a file on to this area you should first save it to your computer. Do not drag a file from an email attachment or from an online location.

After saving the file to your computer, drag it and drop it on to the marked area.

After dropping the file you will see a progress bar. You must wait for the progress bar to complete before navigating away from the record or dropping another file on. If you do not follow this guideline your upload may not be successful.

Once the progress bar has completed you can navigate to Communications : Files to verify your file has uploaded successfully. There you should see it listed under the Attached Files list.

Use the NetSuite Mobile App to Attach a File to an Expense Report

Did you know there is a NetSuite App? The NetSuite App is a perfect option to submit expenses for users that are travelling regularly or are often out of the office. Rather than uploading files from your computer, the App gives you the option of taking an instant photograph of your receipt and attaching the photo directly. You can also select a file already saved to your phone.

Log in to your App and select New Expense.

When the Expense form loads you will see a file upload section indicated by a camera icon.

Attaching a file through the NetSuite App

Click the image to either take a photograph or select a file from your phone. If taking a new photo, select Use Photo at the bottom right of your screen after taking the shot.

Complete the rest of your expense report then select Done. Your file is now uploaded.

This process for uploading could not be easier. If your organization receives a high volume of expense claims monthly, it is worth considering a roll out of the NetSuite app. Service based companies with on site resource will find this particularly useful as it means travel expenses can be submitted on the go immediately after they are incurred.

Does your organization have a different method for submitting expenses that we haven’t covered here? Please reach out to us via the contact form so we can add to this article and continue providing the most complete content for NetSuite users.

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