How to Access NetSuite Customer Center

The Customer Center in NetSuite is a special type of limited access role that you can issue to your customers. It gives them access to a small number of actions including viewing their transactions, generating an account statement and raising support cases.

The Customer Center role is not accessed via the normal NetSuite Login page. You will need to provide your customers with an account specific URL that you will find on your Company Information page. Navigate to Setup > Company > Company Information. Under the Company URLs subtab you will find a field called Customer Center Login that contains the address you need.

Where to find the login URL for NetSuite's customer Centre roles

Since this is an account specific URL your customers will not be able to find the link online. It is therefore important that you provide this address when granting them access and make it clear to them that they should bookmark it for future use.

Customer Centre Access Notification

There is a standard email template that is sent when granting a user access to the Customer Centre provided the Send Email Notification checkbox is marked. At the time of writing, that standard template is pretty insufficient and I would advise editing it. The biggest failing of the standard template is not providing a clear understanding of where the user should log in for future sessions. Make sure you add a link to the correct login page and advise the customer to bookmark it. This will prevent a host of support calls in the future when customers can’t find the right page to log in to their Customer Centre.

Once you have created a customized email template you need to set it is the preferred option. Navigate to Setup > Company > Email Preferences. Under the Templates subtab you must change the selection for Customer Center Email Template.

Where to find the preferred welcome email template for customer centre access in NetSuite

If you want to view the Customer Centre role you can do so from the customer record of any customer that has been granted access. Under the access subtab where you assign roles there is a link to Log In As Customer. By clicking this you will be taken to the Customer Centre from that customers perspective. This is a much simpler way of testing the role and the functionality when making changes in Sandbox. The alternative is setting up a dummy customer and logging in via the link provided in Company Information.

Granting Access to the Customer Centre

In order for any of the above to work you first need to actually grant access to your customers. This is something you need to do for each and every customer that you wish to have access to NetSuite.

First, ensure that the functionality is enabled by heading to Setup > Company > Enable Features. Navigate to the Web Presence subtab and under the Access heading ensure that Customer Access is checked.

To give an individual customer access you then head the to the customer record itself and under the System Information : Access select Give Access. Select the relevant role and check Send Notification Email to inform the customer. This will grant access to the customer via the Email field on the customer record. You can also grant specific access to individual contacts. Add the individual as a contact against the customer record and they will then be displayed in the list on the System Information : Access subtab. Check the Access box next to the relevant contact and select the role you wish to grant them.

Granting individual contacts access to the NetSuite customer centre.

This feature allows you to create different Customer Centre roles depending on a contact’s position in the business. For example, an accounts person may be more interested in the recent billing and statement of account whereas a purchaser may need access to raise orders.

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