How Many Records Can We Import in a NetSuite CSV Import?

CSV Import is not the answer to all data needs in NetSuite but it is a massive help. Once you get the hang of using the import facility it can be a quick and effective way to add new records or update old ones. It does however have its limitations. One of those limitations is on the number of records that can be imported on one file.

What is the Limit for CSV Imports in NetSuite?

25,000 lines or 5oMB of data.

If you need to import a quantity or file size over this limit you should split your data across a number of import files. NetSuite’s import wizard will normally let you know if you are trying to import more than the limit allows.

CSV Import error in NetSuite

To be safe, however, you should always double check before beginning the process. You don’t want to wait 4 hours for 25,000 lines of data to import only to find out it fails.

If you are importing multiple files at once then this limit applies to the total of all files combined. An example of a multiple file import is a file containing new customers and a second file for their associated contacts. Some imports can be even more files such as the Inventory Adjustment import for Lot Numbered or Serialized inventory. A walkthrough of the Inventory Adjustment import process can be found here. The combination of all three files in this import must not exceed 25,000 lines or 50MB.

Importing Large Volumes of Data in to NetSuite

We now know the limit for CSV imports is 25,000 lines but should we be importing anything close to 25,000 lines anyway?

During an implementation you may have very high volumes of data that are going to take a lot of paid time to import. It makes sense to run this in as few imports as possible. In most scenarios however you are best advised to keep those volumes of data a lot lower than the maximum limit.

If you are trying to import 25,000 new records and every record is failing for the same reason, you will not know that the file has entirely failed until all 25,000 have been attempted. This could take several hours to complete. That’s not only several hours wasted but also several hours during which no other CSV import can be processed. Split your data up in to smaller, quicker files for a more convenient and less disruptive experience.

How Do I Import More than 25,000 Lines of Data in to NetSuite?

If you really have a compelling need to create more than 25,000 new records at a time then you will need to find another solution. The CSV Import is not the answer. There are going to be cases that might benefit from a scripted solution. A Map/Reduce script could perhaps be utilized to create the records one by one from data held in a CSV file. Speak to your development team about how to approach this or if you do not have in house developers you could utilize NetSuite’s professional services.

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