Free NetSuite Training : 6 Free Resources for NetSuite Knowledge

The big question on everyone’s lips (yes, I do mean everyone) is ‘Where do I learn how to use NetSuite?‘. The number one answer, without any shadow of a doubt, is always going to be

NetFreak – The NetSuite Oracle!

We have an ever growing collection of content here on how to perform everything from the simplest of tasks to complex developments. This is the home of free NetSuite training. Bookmark NetFreak so it is always just a click away. It’s a free resource provided by a group of passionate, experienced NetSuite consultants who want to spread the good word. If there is a particular topic not covered here that you need an answer on or have an interest in please contact us via the Contact page.

With that shameless but warranted plug out of the way let us look at the other ways you can learn about how to use, manage and develop NetSuite without spending a dime.

If you are a business trying to improve the quality of your users’ NetSuite knowledge, you should be building a portfolio of NetSuite user guides. Work with NetFreak to translate your processes in to plain English with foolproof easy to follow steps.

Are you a NetSuite User?

If you are already a NetSuite user you have a number of resources at your fingertips for free NetSuite training.

NetSuite Help Center

Use the page help by clicking the help icon at the top right of your NetSuite interface. This will take you through to the NetSuite Help Center and will automatically load on the information relevant to the record or page you were on when you clicked it.

How to access Help from the NetSuite User Interface. A great resource for free NetSuite training and guidance

The left hand side of the NetSuite Help Center has a table of contents which you can scroll through or you can use the search bar at the top center.

The information in the NetSuite Help Center is quite clinical and matter of fact. It falls short of giving you actionable instructions on how to perform a particular task and it doesn’t go in to extensive detail about processes or best practices. That said, it is a useful place to get summary information on what a record is used for or why an important field selection exists. Wherever you are in NetSuite, it is always just one click away and will potentially save you lots of time digging in the Google weeds for your answer.


The next step up from the NetSuite Help Center is SuiteAnswers. Anything more than ‘what is this’ or ‘what does it do’ is going to default straight to SuiteAnswers in the early years of your NetSuite career. Access it from your quick access bar – Support > Go To SuiteAnswers.

How to access SuiteAnswers for free NetSuite training videos and articles.

Some of the headline features of SuiteAnswers are

  • Video Tutorials
  • Support Articles
  • Step by step walkthroughs to resolves issues and common complaints
  • Assistance with customization queries
  • Link through to the NetSuite Status page
  • Raise Support tickets

The biggest advantage, in my eyes, of SuiteAnswers, is the quality and variety of articles. There are standard NetSuite driven responses but also hackier articles showing the custom workarounds and development solutions. Articles also show the date they were posted and the NetSuite version they relate to.

I have learnt a lot from SuiteAnswers over the years and you can do worse then spend much of your free time early in your career diving in to different subjects that relate to your role. It’s not the holy grail but it’s on the way there and is a great place to look for answers to issues that you don’t think warrant a support ticket yet.

Oracle Community Message Boards

Create an Oracle account and then start using the NetSuite community message boards. These are used by NetSuite admins and NetSuite employees only. Even if you don’t have questions to ask for yourself you can learn a lot by browsing the previous posts or searching for something specific.

The NetSuite Community Message boards. Another great resource for free NetSuite training, advice and tips.

Be Curious

The last stop I want to push for current NetSuite users is NetSuite itself. Just click around. Be curious. Analyze system notes. Look at scripted records. Try to understand all the workflows and scripts on any given record. Play in Sandbox. I have learnt 90% of what I know through just being curious. If there are processes carried out in your instance that you don’t understand, for example, try reading up about them on SuiteAnswers then forensically analyze all the transactions and records posted as a part of that process.

If your organization has access to a Learning Cloud Support Pass then you have endless trainings at your fingertips. Learn more about this product and how to use it here.

Free NetSuite Training on YouTube

Sometimes watching someone else click here and there is the best way to learn the very first steps. YouTube has a number of channels that are great to introduce navigation of the UI to beginners. Some channels are run by NetSuite partners, some by Oracle entities themselves and some by passionate NetSuite consultants similar to NetFreak.

Oracle NetSuite Courses is a channel that has some good lengthy trainings to get you started but search around as there is plenty more to find.

Here’s an example of some of the YouTube content put out by NetSuite themselves.

These avenues should be a good starting point for you to begin learning about how to use NetSuite (better). In reality, there are countless resources online but it’s always good do have a baseline to work from and to know the staples. Make sure you bookmark NetFreak as we are always updating with new content and if there is any specific query you have that you can’t find information about, why not get in touch with us.

If you are new to NetSuite you may want to work on improving your search capabilities. The following articles will help you get in to the next gear with your saved searches.

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