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Almost all transactions in NetSuite have statuses. NetSuite transaction statuses allow users to manage responsibilities, process flows, obligations and much more. In the case of transactions such as sales orders, bills or purchase orders, the status will indicate what the next required action is for the record.

NetSuite builds differ and you will have transaction types unique to your account. As you add modules and custom bundles you will gather new transaction types that will have their own statuses.

I have compiled here a list of some of the more common transaction types for you to reference. Most businesses with basic sales, purchase and accounting functions will probably use the transactions listed here. I have listed the standard statuses available for these transaction types.

Be aware that some of these records have customizable statuses and there may be add-ons that affect the standard options. This list is, however, the closest you will find to a complete and accurate list of the standard statuses of these common NetSuite transaction types.

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Bill Payment

Cash Sale

Credit Memo

Customer Deposit

Customer Refund


Expense Report


Item Fulfillment




Period End Journal

Purchase Order


Return Authorization

Revenue Arrangement

Sales Order

Transfer Order

Vendor Prepayment

Vendor Return Authorization

Work Order

NetSuite Transaction status and type Word Cloud

NetSuite Bill Statuses

Click here to learn more about the vendor bill statuses and how they fit in to the bill payment process.

BillPending Approval
BillPayment In-Transit
BillPaid In Full

NetSuite Bill Payment Statuses

Bill PaymentVoided
Bill PaymentRejected
Bill PaymentPending Approval
Bill PaymentIn-Transit
Bill PaymentDeclined
Bill PaymentConfirmed
Bill PaymentApproved

NetSuite Cash Sale Statuses

Cash SaleUnapproved Payment
Cash SaleNot Deposited
Cash SaleDeposited

NetSuite Credit Memo Statuses

Credit MemoVoided
Credit MemoOpen
Credit MemoFully Applied

NetSuite Customer Deposit Statuses

Click here to learn more about the Customer Deposit in NetSuite.

Customer DepositUnapproved Payment
Customer DepositNot Deposited
Customer DepositFully Applied
Customer DepositDeposited
Customer DepositCancelled

NetSuite Customer Refund Statuses

Customer RefundCancelled
Customer RefundVoided

NetSuite Estimate Statuses

Click here to learn more about the estimate statuses and how they fit in to the sales process.


NetSuite Expense Report Statuses

Expense ReportApproved by Accounting
Expense ReportIn Progress
Expense ReportPaid In Full
Expense ReportPayment In Transit
Expense ReportPending Accounting Approval
Expense ReportPending Supervisor Approval
Expense ReportRejected by Accounting
Expense ReportRejected by Supervisor
Expense ReportVoided

NetSuite Invoice Statuses

InvoicePaid In Full
InvoicePending Approval

NetSuite Item Fulfillment Statuses

Item FulfillmentPicked
Item FulfillmentPacked
Item FulfillmentShipped

NetSuite Journal Statuses

JournalApproved for Posting
JournalPending Approval

NetSuite Opportunity Statuses

OpportunityClosed – Lost
OpportunityClosed – Won
OpportunityIn Progress
OpportunityIssued Estimate

NetSuite Payment Statuses

PaymentNot Deposited
PaymentUnapproved Payment

NetSuite Period End Journal Statuses

Period End JournalApproved for Posting
Period End JournalPending Approval
Period End JournalRejected

NetSuite Purchase Order Statuses

Click here to learn more about the different purchase order statuses and how they fit in to the purchase process.

Purchase OrderClosed
Purchase OrderFully Billed
Purchase OrderPartially Received
Purchase OrderPending Bill
Purchase OrderPending Billing/Partially Received
Purchase OrderPending Receipt
Purchase OrderPending Supervisor Approval
Purchase OrderPlanned
Purchase OrderRejected by Supervisor

NetSuite Requisition Statuses

RequisitionFully Ordered
RequisitionFully Received
RequisitionPartially Ordered
RequisitionPartially Received
RequisitionPending Approval
RequisitionPending Order

NetSuite Return Authorization Statuses

Return AuthorizationCancelled
Return AuthorizationClosed
Return AuthorizationPartially Received
Return AuthorizationPending Approval
Return AuthorizationPending Receipt
Return AuthorizationPending Refund
Return AuthorizationPending Refund/Partially Received
Return AuthorizationRefunded

NetSuite Revenue Arrangement Statuses

Revenue ArrangementApproved
Revenue ArrangementClosed
Revenue ArrangementPending Approval
Revenue ArrangementRejected

NetSuite Sales Order Statuses

Click here to learn more about the different sales order statuses and how they fit in to the sales process.

Sales OrderBilled
Sales OrderCancelled
Sales OrderClosed
Sales OrderPartially Fulfilled
Sales OrderPending Approval
Sales OrderPending Billing
Sales OrderPending Billing/Partially Fulfilled
Sales OrderPending Fulfillment

NetSuite Transfer Order Statuses

Transfer OrderClosed
Transfer OrderPartially Fulfilled
Transfer OrderPending Approval
Transfer OrderPending Fulfillment
Transfer OrderPending Receipt
Transfer OrderPending Receipt/Partially Fulfilled
Transfer OrderReceived
Transfer OrderRejected

NetSuite Vendor Prepayment Statuses

Vendor PrepaymentFully Applied
Vendor PrepaymentPaid
Vendor PrepaymentPartially Applied
Vendor PrepaymentPending Approval
Vendor PrepaymentRejected
Vendor PrepaymentVoided

NetSuite Vendor Return Authorization Statuses

Vendor Return AuthorizationCancelled
Vendor Return AuthorizationClosed
Vendor Return AuthorizationCredited
Vendor Return AuthorizationPartially Returned
Vendor Return AuthorizationPending Approval
Vendor Return AuthorizationPending Credit
Vendor Return AuthorizationPending Credit/Partially Returned
Vendor Return AuthorizationPending Return

NetSuite Work Order Statuses

Work OrderBuilt
Work OrderCancelled
Work OrderClosed
Work OrderIn Process
Work OrderPlanned
Work OrderReleased

Having the exact wording of the NetSuite transaction statuses can be useful when using them as conditions in saved search formula. If you are new to the use of formula fields in saved searches check out the following articles that will introduce you to the subject and build on some basic skills to get you started:

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