Add a Hyperlink to NetSuite Saved Search Results

If you are at the point in your career where you are being asked every 6 minutes to create a new Saved Search you may be running out of ways to impress your business. Luckily the NetSuite Saved Search has got so many secrets and cool ways to present data in the most user friendly and intuitive way.

Often the user of a search is someone with far less experience in NetSuite than the admin that created it. Features and tricks like Formula fields, summaries and functions can be used to help format the data so it is more than just a mundane list of records. One of the features that always goes down well is adding hyperlinks in to one of your search columns. Some of the use cases for that might be –

  • Linking to a sub record such as a Project against a Sales Order.
  • Linking to a task against a record
  • Linking to a payment on a list of bank transactions
  • You could even use this feature to link to an external location if there was a need for that and presenting in this way would make it easier for the user.

Adding a Dynamic Link to a NetSuite Saved Search

To create a hyperlink you are going to need to use a Formula (Text) field. This is because the output is going to a text label such as Click Here or the target document number.

For this example we will create a link to a customer record in NetSuite. We are assuming you can obtain the Internal ID of the customer within the Saved Search. Lets say this is a transaction search for example. The URL for the customer record in this example is In this URL 2345 is the Internal ID of the customer so this portion is going to be replaced with the dynamic field ID. This will mean that each line of the search links through to its respective customer record rather than all the same place.

The formula to use in your Formula (Text) is as follows –

'<a href=' || {customermain.internalid} || ' target=_blank>Click Here</a>'

The first section is the URL minus the Internal ID. We then use the relevant field ID to source the Internal ID of the customer. Lastly, we have entered the link text Click Here as an example but you can enter anything you want as the actual text displayed for the link.

Adding a Static Link to a NetSuite Saved Search

The above example is the solution for bringing in a dynamic link that relates directly to the row of data it is displayed on. You may sometimes want a static link navigating to the same place for every row. The solution for this scenario is even simpler as shown below –

'<a href=>Click Here</a>'

So there you have it. Now you are able to add a hyperlink to saved search results. This is a very useful trick to have up your sleeve and you will find when presenting data to senior management these hyperlinks can be really helpful.

Get in touch if there are any specifics of this feature that we haven’t covered and you have further questions about. Hopefully we will be able to help and grow your knowledge of NetSuite even more.

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