What is NetFreak?

I know exactly what you’re thinking. That’s a weird name for a site providing business systems and process knowledge! You might also be thinking this is the first website you’ve ever seen about ERP systems that also showcases amazing comic book art!

Well you are right on the second point. The first point however is wrong – NetFreak is an awesome name!

NetFreak is the NetSuite administrator’s friend.

We are experienced NetSuite consultants who are passionate about sharing our knowledge with the wider community.

This is an ever growing hub of knowledge that should be utilized to help better manage, implement or maintain your NetSuite environment.

The information here is all free and we will forever continue to update, improve and add to this database. We aim to ensure NetSuite consultants, administrators and users have somewhere unbiased and informative to default to when they need an answer.

We do also provide downloadable free and paid resources which you will find linked throughout the site. Please use this and share them with friends. If you find the free resources useful you can opt to pay for them when downloading through Gumroad. This little kickback will help towards the ongoing hosting and maintenance of the site.

Why the comic book art?

Have you ever seen any other site about ERP systems?

They’re boring!

NetSuite isn’t boring. Lets inject some fun and color back in to it.

Meet Aaron…

Aaron is the primary writer for NetFreak.

Aaron has been working with NetSuite for almost a decade in various capacities. He studied accounting and then entered the world of NetSuite first as a finance user and then an in house specialist for various businesses post implementation.

He has had the benefit of experiencing multiple NetSuite SKUs in a variety of industries including support services, manufacturing, telecoms and logistics.

When he is not hammering the keyboard for NetFreak, Aaron works now as a consultant, helping businesses implement NetSuite and guiding them through the early stages of adoption.